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Photo Galleries

New Year's Eve 2004
Halloween 2003
(Oct. 25th 2003)!

Hanks' Texas Grill
(Sept. 25th 2003)!

Lance and Colleen's
(Aug 15th 2003)!

Love & War In Texas
(Aug 3rd)!

4th of July Pics
(Lake Lavon)!

Terri Lea's 40th Birthday Party!
I See Stars
In The Studio!
Halloween 2001!

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Photo Gallery - I See Stars!

Mike & David Lindley
Mike and David Lindley
at Sons of Herman Hall
Wally, Terri, Mike and David
Wally, Terri, Mike and
David Lindley
Mike, Terri, Chris
Mike, Terri and
Chris Montez
(Call Me, The More I See You)
Terri Lea bein' star struck!
Terri and Bill
Terri and the old poor
boy hisself, whisperin'
Bill Anderson
Nashville, TN - 
Music City U.S.A.
Terri, Leon and Jerry
Terri, Leon Rausch singer for
Bob Wills and the late Jerry
"Hambone" Cunningham
, steel
guitarist for Bob Wills' Texas Playboys,
at the KNON studios
Hank Thompson
Terri and Hank Thompson,
the "King of Western Swing"
Tom, Mike, Terri
Left to right - 
Tom "Wolf" Morrell,
Zen Master of the
Steel Guitar,
Me (Mike) and Terri
 on my birthday
Rex Allen Jr
Terri and Rex "REX" Allen Jr. "Mr. Lonely Street"
Nashville, TN - Music City U.S.A.
Mike, Terri, John
Left to right - Me (Mike), Terri and John
"Spoonmaster" Hardin esq. at Snake River.

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